About Patong...

There are many things to see and do...

Patong Beach is one of the most beautiful natural bays in the world, with a very long shoreline offering white sandy beaches with hidden tree covered coves.

The Sundowners Bar is a very brief walk to the beach and most dining and shopping areas.  Patong Beach is not a large area and there is no place that is really far away.

There are great dining restaurants in Patong, with so many fine places to eat representing many different nationalities.

If you can ride a motorbike, the roads around the island are good, a perfect way to see a lot of the island.

Phuket town is 15km away and has lots of attractions as well as other beaches and the mountain roads are a lot of fun.

Patong Bay is great for swimming or whatever it is you want to do in the water.

Patong gym, around the corner, has all the pro exercise equipment anyone could want.

If you are a serious road cyclist bring your bike, the roads here are near perfect, with lots of open riding and more than a few challenging hills.  There are some European pro riders who train here in the winter months, you’ll see why.